Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mad for Plaid

Because everyone (secretly) loves a cliche. This is the outfit I wore to my grandmother's birthday dinner. As my sister was quick to point out, it's an example of one of my "Ronald McDonald ensembles," meaning I have a fondness for pairing red and yellow. By the way, I think my grandmother really liked the necklace I made her (Make and Tell Challenge 47), and it fit her perfectly. I too am wearing one of my necklaces here. I made it awhile back, when I first started experimenting with ribbon in my jewelry. The tee and skirt came from J. C. Penney's this fall and totaled a low $30 (you can catch a close up of the skirt in my Marvelous Minis post). The pumps are quite old and came from a weird (but sometimes wonderful) little catalog called Metro Style. The clutch is also old and came from Wet Seal. That used to be my favorite store. I went in there recently and left abruptly, painfully aware that I'm approaching thirty and have no business in such a place anymore.

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