Sunday, October 18, 2009

Make and Tell Challenge, Day 48

Tonight I added a second coat to the Beach Tropics tote while watching "Desperate Housewives" and "Brothers and Sisters," two of my favorite shows. The tote is finished except for the ironing, which I'll do when it's dry tomorrow. I usually don't enjoy doing the second coat because it feels redundant, but tonight I felt as though I were adding something that hadn't been there before. As for the shows, "Desperate Housewives" was okay, although overall I think it's kind of dull this season. The mysteries were so good the first two seasons, but then they sort of petered out into muddled and predictable nothing plots. The characters are interesting, though, so I still watch. "Brothers and Sisters" is the better show now, at least to me. The Walker clan seems to have an endless supply of skeletons in its proverbial closet. Yet oddly, the plot is never cheesy. Instead it's believable, probably because of the realistic family dynamics. Speaking of TV (and particularly ABC TV), I caught the season premiere of "Ugly Betty" on Friday, also while painting. This is a show I never watched from the beginning, dismissing it as shallow. But then my sister said I'd really like it, so I watched a couple of episodes. And she was right! So much so that I couldn't believe I hadn't been watching it all along. It had crazy clothes and zany characters all wrapped up in a timeless coming of age tale that should have been trite but instead always struck the right cord. The premiere didn't disappoint, although the move from the Thursday night lineup to Friday is a little foreboding (as in, I hope it's not on its way to being cancelled.) In the beginning of the premiere, Betty's sister presents her with a businesslike blazer to commemorate her promotion to editor. Betty doesn't want to wear it, saying it "isn't me." The two-hour episode continues with the usual ups and downs, one of which is Betty's discovery that some of her coworkers have been making fun of her outfits on a blog ever since she was hired. To make a long story short, Betty ends up wearing the blazer in the end. Mark snaps her picture with his camera phone for the blog, then murmurs, "Hmm. This one isn't so funny." I had mixed feelings about this. Obviously, the entire show centers around Betty's climb up the publishing ladder. She's supposed to change and grow. But I felt a pang when she abandoned her unpopular but original wardrobe (secretly love those getups!) for something more conventionally corporate. Oh well. Let's just say you won't see me wearing a blazer any time soon. Back in Tote Trove land, I've got lots of new tote ideas brewing. But I may take a break tomorrow to make another eraser necklace. My Friday afternoon trip to A. C. Moore netted me eight new Iwako (well, Iwako knock-offs; more on that later) erasers, and I've been itching to transform them into more kooky jewelry ever since. Until then.

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