Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Make and Tell Challenge, Days 50 & 51

So, what happened to me yesterday? It all began when I was en route to my parents' house and heard the familiar siren's call of A. C. Moore. Earlier that day I'd been dreaming up a variation of the ribbon necklace I made a couple of weeks ago (you know, with the magazine beads). Only this time I wanted to use different colored ribbons instead of just black, string on faux pearls instead of wooden and magazine beads, and add a sizable pendant. I didn't want to stop at just one necklace, though -- I wanted to create a whole line. So, there I was in A. C. Moore again, my basket weighed down with ribbons and beads. After dinner at my parents' house, I eagerly began work and became so wrapped up in it that it was 11:00 before I knew it! I was too tired to drive, so I stayed over and got up at 5:00 today to drive home and get dressed for the office. Here are the fruits of my labor: first, the Bright Buddha Ribbon Necklace, a triple-stranded creation in primary colors, and then the Dark Horse Ribbon Necklace, a seven-stranded pastel wonder. After finishing Buddha, I wanted to add more ribbon oomph to the next piece. For a fleeting second I thought that maybe Buddha was -- gasp -- incomplete with only three ribbons. But then I reminded myself that not every piece in a line needs to contain the same elements. I'm tempted to hang onto Buddha, actually, but really must condition myself to not get so attached and put more stuff on the market. Remembering my now less-than-bursting tent usually does the trick! For today's make, I tackled another tote. I got the idea for this one a year ago but never did anything about it until now. I'm calling it Electric Palms. It's funny. After working on a more detailed design, I crave making something simpler and more graphic. And when that simple piece is done? You guessed it -- I long to paint something more complex.

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