Monday, August 16, 2010

My First Free Weekend Post Craft Show Drop Out

This past weekend, I had been scheduled to vend at the Cape May Promenade Craft Show. But as you know, I recently became a craft show dropout, canceling all of my shows so I could concentrate on making better art, writing a better blog, and (at the risk of sounding like an infomercial) living a better life. This is what I did with my time (sorry about repeating the items I've already blogged about).

- Saw Dinner for Schmucks with the bf. Had dinner at Red Robin and dessert at Rita's.

- Rode bikes with the bf and went to the beach.

- Saw Eat Pray Love with my mom and went shopping.

- Finished my Mellow Yellow, Purple People Eater, Orange You Glad, and Brown Sugar corsage necklaces.

- Blogged.

- Read other people's blogs.

- Worked on my Etsy shop.

- Did laundry.

- Continued reading The Wedding Girl by Sofie Kinsella.

- Made a pasta dinner.

- Exercised (a little).

- Slept.

By Sunday night, I was amazed by the all the stuff I'd managed to cram in. During our bike ride, the bf and I had passed a flea market breaking down at the Brigantine football field. I watched vendors struggling with their crates of sunglasses and what have you and couldn't help but think that I would've been spending my weekend the same way. Loading and unloading, setting up and breaking down, chasing wind-strewn necklaces across the blacktop, driving back and forth, updating all my inventory and expense files, etc, etc, etc. Realizing that it was all behind me, I felt only one thing - relief.

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Fuzzy Figures said...

Thats something. I will only back down from a craft show if I see bad weather coming from a mile away. i haven't done shows in a while. I go back in September.