Sunday, August 29, 2010

New Etsy Buy - Masterpiece Earrings by StringsnTings

Goldfinger Solo Teardrop Painted Canvas Earrings by StringsnTings,
Remember that awesome Albert Einstein decoupaged bangle I bought from EtsyNJ's own StringsnTings,, a couple of weeks ago? Remember how I wrote that I loved her earrings also but didn't have pierced ears? Well, I was so smitten with this hand-painted Goldfinger Solo Teardrop pair that I bought them for my sister, who is always getting little surprises for me. I gave them to her at our mom's ice cream party last night, and she put them on immediately! (As luck would have it, she wasn't already wearing earrings.)

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PaintedCanvasJewelry said...

So glad she likes them!! Yay!!