Monday, August 30, 2010

Spotlight on Arts and Crafts Necklaces

Green Arts and Crafts Necklace,

Hot Pink, Orange, and Yellow Arts and Crafts Necklace,
Black and Yellow Arts and Crafts Necklace,

You may have noticed that I've been gradually moving my Arts and Crafts necklaces to the new Made to Order Necklaces section of my Etsy shop, (I've also been including photos of me modeling them, as I think it gives shoppers a nice visual of how the necklaces look on.) I made the move because I want to start wearing these necklaces myself and have never been comfortable with the concept of selling gently used items, even if they are my own creations. By making these necklaces made to order, I get to "keep" them as well as offer them to my customers. Because I hand craft the magazine beads, each made-to-order necklaces will still be one of a kind. Best of all, I don't need to worry about feeling depressed about sitting on huge chunks of unsold inventory. Who knows. I may even start marketing my totes this way.

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