Monday, August 2, 2010

Something New and Sparkly - Disco Diva Choker

Disco Diva Choker

I've spent the last week or so making myself some new necklaces. Yesterday I was at it almost all day, my Counting Crows CDs (Films About Ghosts and Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings) playing in the background.

Today I wore this sparkly red number, which I'm calling the Disco Diva Choker. (I realize that a name is superfluous because I won't be listing this piece, but I couldn't quash the urge to come up with something catchy.)

I snagged the red plastic pendant from one of my old necklaces. Although I'd always liked the pendant, I hated the flimsy fishing line-like strands from which it hung. So, I made it my own, embellishing the pendant with fun, multi-colored rhinestones and hanging it from durable wire strung with small glass donut-shaped beads in chic gunmetal. I finished it with a toggle clasp adorned with black satin ribbon and made it the focal point of today's ensemble.

Be sure to return tomorrow for the debut of another creation!

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