Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Novel Idea

I think the time has come for me to get serious about writing my novel. "Um, what?" you may be thinking. "I thought you were a crazy craft lady." Well, I am. But I'm also a crazy words lady. I've been writing a novel or trying to write a novel on and off for the past ten years. My most solid attempt was long and complicated and set on a farm in early 1900s Iowa (don't ask this Jersey girl where that came from). This time around, I'm going to write a simple story about what I know, no research required. But I'll keep up with the blog. If anything, it's all this blogging that has whetted my appetite for writing fiction again. Writing these little posts has become something of an addiction for me. I find myself scribbling stray thoughts on scraps of paper at the weirdest times, storing them away until the moment when I can type them up for your reading pleasure. That having been said, writing this novel will be a slooooow process, the kind of thing I chip away at during odd hours to assuage fits of guilt about too much online shopping. I probably won't say too much about the process on the blog. Although I will reveal that the title will be ten times better than the sorry cliche of an excuse I used for this post. Now that I've gone all public about this, I guess I better get the heck started . . .

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