Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Something New and Sparkly - Orange You Glad Corsage Necklace

Orange You Glad Corsage Necklace,

Here's my latest corsage necklace creation, the Orange You Glad Corsage Necklace. I thought it would be appropriate to feature on a gray day like this one.
I was in the jewelry supply section in A. C. Moore during my lunch break yesterday (but then, what else is new?), when an older lady started talking to me about bead prices. "These are expensive!" she declared, holding up a $4.99 semi-precious strand for my inspection.
"I know," I agreed.
"My cousin made this bracelet," she continued, holding up her wrist. "She sells them for $6.00 each. But how can that be when just one bead strand costs $4.99?!"
She was clearly frustrated, and I found myself nodding in sympathy. "I know. I sell my jewelry too, and you never really make your supply money back."
She seemed to register this, then went on to say that she could buy a whole bracelet ready-made on sale at Boscov's for $15.00. Then she asked me which beads she should buy (she had three different strands in greenish blues in her hand). I said they were all lovely before making my good-byes and heading back to work.
The nature of our conversation certainly wasn't unusual. I think that most people are a little shocked when they realize just how much it costs to make jewelry. I probably shouldn't say this as a jewelry artist and salesperson, but I understand shoppers' reluctance to buy handmade when there are so many more affordable (and admittedly attractive) options out there. (Please, god of all that is Etsy, do not strike me down.) Yet by the same token, I really don't think too much about the cost of jewelry supplies these days because I'm creating with myself in mind. Instead of thinking, "I won't buy too many supplies for one piece because that will drive up the piece's retail price," I think, "I'm willing to spend this money because it'll allow me to have fun making something cool that I can wear forever." Coming up with a retail price if I decide to sell it in my Etsy shop becomes secondary. I know that sounds impractical. But then, I never professed to be a good businesswoman.

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