Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Something New and Sparkly - Green with Envy Corsage Necklace

Green with Envy Corsage Necklace

"How many of those are you going to make?" the bf asked as I embellished yet another circle of felt with silk flowers, rhinestones, and other trinkety treasures, this time in a wicked emerald green. "I told you," I said, pausing to swat the spider webs of fabric glue climbing from my workspace, "I'm making my way through the rainbow." Little did he know, my mind was already on my next two necklaces, Purple Haze and Mellow Yellow, the pieces of which waited expectantly in the A. C. Moore bags that perpetually scattered our living room. (Actually, he did know. Because I told him. I tell him entirely too much, poor guy.)
As with all creative projects, it seems the more of these necklaces I create, the more of them I want to create. Just today I was dreaming up a jaunty poinsettia surrounded by sprigs of holly and those tiny foil-wrapped presents for December . . .
But I'm getting ahead of myself. For now, the wearable garden in my Etsy shop,, continues to flourish.

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