Thursday, August 5, 2010

Something New and Sparkly - Sass and Class Necklace

Sass and Class Necklace

Sometimes I like to go out and shop for all the individual pieces to make a fabulous new necklace. Other times, I like to rummage through my supplies and come up with something eclectic. Enter this Sass and Class Necklace. It features a mishmosh of beads and the incongruous marriage of a rhinestoned reindeer charm and a trio of sassy 1920s (at least I think they're 1920s) women. Here's what each "sassy" charm has to say: "At 20, flirting and coquetry," "At 26, fast life and dissipation," and "At 40, an outcast." Ok, so maybe they're more dark than sassy, but you get the idea.

The only downside of this little number is that I can't list it in the new Made to Order Jewelry section of my Etsy shop,, because I don't think I could ever find the same charms again. This is a common problem with shopping at A. C. Moore and Michaels. Each season, they get in a new line of baubles, only to have the line sell out and be replaced by a new one. So, there's a slim chance of ever making a second, similar piece. The made-to-order concept works better with jewelry featuring completely hand-crafted accents, such as my new corsage necklace line. That having been said, you can sometimes order close-out pieces directly from the manufacturers online. I recently scored a whole boxful of PLAID Faux Show pendants this way after unsuccessfully hunting for them in stores a season after their debut.

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