Friday, September 4, 2009

The Blues

Yesterday, I wore this blouse to work, belted as it is here, but with a pinstriped black pencil skirt. Although it was a nice combo for 9 to 5 (or, in my case, 8 to 4:30), I wanted to spice it up for this little photo shoot. So, out came the cut-offs.

Now, for the handmade portion of our segment. I made this glass bead necklace about 2 years ago. I love how the clear square beads look like flat little ice cubes, complementing the "iciness" of the blue in the other beads. The handbag was a more recent project and kind of an experiment. I bought a bunch of off brand (well, no brand, really) purses, then painted them and added rhinestones. They had a sort of kitschy appeal but never sold, so I retired them to my personal wardrobe.

Blouse: Annie Sez ($12 on clearance, marked down from more than $100! I think it was a return, but it looked fine, and now it's mine!)

Belt: Wet Seal (Don't remember, but definitely less than $10.)

Shorts: Fashion Bug/Mudd, from my previous life as a sales associate there (Around $15 with, of course, employee discount.)

Sandals: DSW/Chinese Laundry ($30? Not sure, as I bought them last summer. Sorry you can't see them that well.)

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