Monday, September 14, 2009

Orange Explosion

Here's another one of my work outfits, or as I like to think of it, my "corporate crayon box look." I threw on these orange accessories as a kind of experiment slash afterthought, then thought, what the heck, and kept them on. (There's a part of me that doesn't know why I keep posting these pictures of myself, since I hate most of my pictures. Yet I love photographing my outfits. It's quite the dilemma. I've considered investing in a mannequin but hear they're quite pricey.)

Blouse: Marshalls/BCBG ($20)
Skirt: Kohl's/Candie's ($20)
Shoes: Barefeet Shoes/Anne Michelle ($16)
Clutch: Kohl's/Apt 9 ($10)
Belt: Be Fabulous ($8)
Tights: Macy's/Hue (gift)
Ring: J. C. Penney's/MIXIT ($8)

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