Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ready, Set, Craft!

This Saturday I was intrigued to find an email in my Tote Trove in-box from fellow EtsyNJ member Laura Yona of http://ellwhy.etsy.com/. She was proposing something called the 30 Days Hath September Make n' Tell Challenge. What, you may ask, is that? It's a variation of that old favorite "show and tell." Each participant crafts one item (or makes progress on a long-term project) each day in the month of September, then blogs about it. Food is fair game as long as it doesn't come verbatim from a recipe. There are no prizes or anything like that; the motivation is simply the satisfaction of knowing that you've met the challenge (and perhaps tapped into some new well of creativity.) Sounds fun, right? Visit Laura's blog for more details: http://www.afrayedknotknits.com/2009/08/30-days-hath-september-makentell.html

So, what did I make for this first challenge? Well, I started by heat sealing a large tote I finished painting last night (first picture). I do this by ironing the opposite side of the painted fabric. This tote is for the bf's stepmom, who loves purple.

Next, I began painting the first coat on a new tote that I just sketched last night. As usual, it's a crazy hodgepodge of technicolor fruit, desserts, insects, black-and-white checks, and other odds and ends. For now the background is still natural, but I will probably end up painting that too. I hate leaving "white space" because I feel like it looks unfinished. Tomorrow (hopefully) I'll paint a second coat over everything. Next, I'll outline everything in black paint (probably Thurs.). Finally, I'll heat seal the tote, then attach rhinestones with Gem Tac permanent adhesive glue (if all goes well this will be Fri). Sheesh, that sounds like a long time, doesn't it? I always wish I could just sit down, paint through the night, and finish a tote in one sitting, especially beacuse I'm always dreaming up the next one. But even I'm not that extreme a night owl!

On that note, I think I'll sign off and take a peek at what the other Make and Tellers are up to.

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Cassandra Watsham said...

Hey! These look great! Congrats on your first 'Make n' Tell!'