Monday, September 14, 2009

Tales from the Trove - Millville Arts Music and Antiques Festival - The Craft Show That Almost Wasn't

The bf and I arrived at the Millville Arts, Music, and Antiques Festival twenty minutes before registration, a first for us (we're usually late). We found my spot, started unloading. And then the bf said, "Trace? We forgot the tent." I'm not proud of my reaction to this bit of news. I started crying and said I was never doing a craft show again (this one was my seventh.). Nevertheless, we began setting up our newly purchased lightweight tables and arranging the pink and black tablecloths haphazardly with clothespins and Scotch tape. (Before, I had been borrowing two heavy eight-foot tables from my parents. I now had three six footers, but the cloth was still cut for just two tables.) We finally discussed what to do, me threatening to shelve the whole thing and go home. But the bf, eternally calm and practical, said no, I won't let you do that. Just set up the best you can and I'll go home and get the tent. So that's what we did. Somehow, I jammed most of my inventory onto the three tables without the benefit of tent walls and clothesline.

I called the bf and told him I was sorry for being so horrid (as I've said before, he is a saint for dealing with all of my moods). He arrived shortly thereafter and popped the tent over the tables. We rearraged some of the stock but left most of it. The morning was a little chilly and a lot overcast. I broke into my snacks just before 10:00 a.m., the official start time of the festival. But as the day wore on, the sun came out. I sold tiny totes and skirt purses, my usual routine. I couldn't help but overhear a few customers say they were worried the rhinestones and other trim would fall off the bags. I wanted to chime in, "No they won't! I use Gem-tac!" but refrained because I didn't want to seem like I was eavesdropping or being too aggressive. Anyway, it gave me something to chew on. As in, maybe I shouldn't be so quick to plaster rhinestones over everything.

My mom and dad stopped by. Mom bought a tiny tote featuring an apple for her classroom, although I told her she didn't have to because she's bought so many things from me in the past.

Later, the bf offered to watch the tent so I could check out the rest of the show. There were a lot of really interesting vendors. I had the chance to meet fellow Etsy seller Susan of Sybil's Closet,, which was fun. Then I wandered on, scoping out the rest of the wares. And yes, I ended up taking some of them home. I bought a wood carving of a striped bass for the bf as a peace offering (he's an avid fisherman and had pointed it out earlier), a fab strawberry necklace for myself, and an owl necklace for my sister.

All in all, it was a good show. And despite my initial outburst . . . I'd definitely do it again.

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