Sunday, September 6, 2009

Make and Tell Challenge Day 6

For today's challenge, I continued with yesterday's jewelry theme. It was all about fruit, ice cream, rhinestones, and pizza! The fruit bracelet has replaced the ice cream trio necklace as my favorite. I also made a non-eraser necklace from plastic beads, faux pearls, and a cameo pendant I picked up at A.C. Moore on clearance. I attached rhinestones around its rim with Gem-tac to give it a funky, ironic edge. I mixed in the casual and bright plastic beads to create another contrast with the more sedate cameo. I'll probably layer this one with a string of faux pink pearls that I already have.

I'm also including a shot of my "jewelry tree." I ordinarily use it as a display for craft shows but decided to store my personal handmade jewelry here until I can buy a suitable jewelry box. (I already have several, including one of those stand up jobs and a jumble of pretty hat boxes, but the more I create, the more I seem to need . . .)

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