Monday, September 7, 2009

Make and Tell Challenge Day 7

Last night somewhere around 2:oo a.m. I drew two new large totes. Today I painted the first two coats on one, which I'm calling the Leopard Garden Tote. After I outline it tomorrow, I'll be adding a black leopard print to the top section, which is now just two shades of yellow. What's with the blue painter's tape on the handles? Sometimes I accidentally get a fleck of paint on the handles, then go ballistic, convinced I've ruined the entire bag. The bf (who is, after all, a painter), suggested I protect the handles with painter's tape. I decided this was a small price to pay to prevent another outburst (for both of us).

I also made some progress on a project I started a while back. I've been decoupaging candy wrappers onto this wooden purse-shaped box; it's a slow process because I don't eat a ton of candy. Nevertheless, you can probably expect to see Reese's, York, and Junior Mints wrappers soon (because of their color schemes, of course! Not that eating the chocolate will be a hardship . . .). I don't know if I'll be able fill in every square inch with wrappers. I may need to do some spot painting, or maybe even Gem-tac on a few rhinestones. I kind of like not completely knowing where this one is going. I haven't even considered what to do with the inside. The bf thinks I should line it with fabric, then somehow hinge a fabric pouch on chains or ribbons so it can be used as a real purse. This sounds sensible and intriguing but difficult. I never have a problem coming up with designs for my projects, but sometimes I do have issues with the mechanics (ie, making it work.). I'm sure finding a solution will be an adventure!

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