Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Make and Tell Challenge Day 16

I can't believe I've been doing a this Make and Tell Challenge for sixteen days already! I also can't believe I've spent most of that time painting the same three totes! Tonight I hunkered down and painted the entire second coat of the Fruit Shower Tote. That means outlining tomorrow, and then the finished product. What, no rhinestones? Yep, that's right. I'm taking a break from the sparklies to accommodate those customers who crave a simpler look. But that doesn't mean that I'm forsaking rhinestones entirely; it's all about creating options.

I've noticed that several of the other Make and Tellers strive to create something different each day. I sort of envy them that; the element of surprise is definitely on their side. Nevertheless, the Challenge has been a great motivator for me in terms of churning out totes, especially because I'm working on creating a summer-themed line to market to local shops. What's more, seeing everyone else's creations has inspired me to think of other (non tote-related) things that I'd like to make, including but not limited to:

Repainting and rhinestoning (yes, I told you it would be back) an old sun mirror that came with our rental (Our landlord said we could have it. Although he may cringe if he knew about the rhinestones. . .)

Painting big cartoon jewels and pearls on my trusty old Gap denim jacket.

Painting a pair of my old jeans.

Making a Faux Show necklace to match the blue leopard dress I bought the other day.

Making some bright, jungly paintings to hang in the living room and some kooky fruit ones for the kitchen.

Finally finishing my decoupaged candy box. And perhaps creating another from old magazines.

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