Friday, September 4, 2009

Made a Sale!

I checked my email just before bed last night and was thrilled to discover that I had sold two totes! One, "Twilight Woods," was medium-sized and from my now-abandoned "Fantascapes" line. (I haven't abandoned painting scenic totes, just referring to them with that admittedly silly label.) The other, "Floral Frenzy," was small-sized and happened to be the very first tote I painted. That was more than a year ago, when I had just hatched the beginnings of The Tote Trove in the would-be studio of my childhood bedroom. It's kind of fun to see how much my work has changed since then; although my style remains pretty eclectic, I think my stuff is far more graphic and pop-arty now. Anyway, I was so excited about the order that I threw in one of my necklaces as a free gift. Because hey, who doesn't love that?

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Cassandra Watsham said...

Yay! I love that first one ... Congrats! It's gonna be a busy September!