Monday, September 21, 2009

Make and Tell Challenge, Day 21 Bonus

I finished today's make and tell challenge so early that I was inspired to take on something else. This tote had been hanging around my craft room for about a year, just waiting to be dealt with. When I made it, I intended for it to be part of my now-erstwhile Funky Fruits tote line (yes, you read that correctly. Last fall I thought the Funky Fruits moniker was the height of coolness. I don't mind if you're laughing. Heck, I'm laughing.) Tonight I got the urge to jazz up the blah pear by outlining it, then surrounding it with checks, hearts, stars, music notes, etc. in exciting colors. It's still a little streaky in this picture because it's not dry yet, but I'll smooth out the kinks tomorrow. Overall, I'm pleased with the offbeat, messy, and almost child-like vibe of this design. It was kind of nice to let loose after meticulously working on the Beach Day tote.

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