Thursday, September 10, 2009

Make and Tell Challenge Day 9

Tonight I decided to paint/decorate a couple of skirt purses because 1) they take less time than painting totes and 2) I needed to make a few more for the Millville Arts, Music, & Antiques Festival, for which I will be a vendor this Sunday, September 13. First I painted and sealed my designs, then added the trim with Gem-tac and fabric glue, as appropriate. The whole skirt purse thing was actually the bf's idea. At first, I didn't want to make them for fear that they were "cheesy." But they remain my top craft fair seller. Every time someone buys or even comments on one, the bf flashes me a knowing grin. Although I'm still partial to my totes and jewelry, these little guys have begun to grow on me. I especially like this lime one with the kooky puff balls. I may make a couple more tomorrow.

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