Monday, September 7, 2009

Outlet Adventure

My mom and I hit the AC outlets this past Saturday. Although I live about five minutes away, I never come here, partly because I hate the parking situation, but also because I don't like many of the stores (they are too conservative). That is why I ended up buying only three items, all in Barefeet Shoes. I do love that store and wish they had one at the Hamilton Mall, because then I'd be more likely to go (of course, there is always . . .).
I was very pleased with these funky 1980s-esque T-strap shoes. They're an 8 and so are a tiny bit too big (I'm a 7.5), but I loved the colors and figured for $10 I could make them work. The jeans were also only $10 each. (They are regular length; I just folded them under in the photo so they wouldn't scrape the ground.) They had tons of colors, but it was tough finding my size, so I just went with the salmon and banana shades shown here. Our trip to Factory Brand Shoes was not nearly as interesting. Its offerings were far more sedate than those in Barefeet Shoes, so whenever I found something even remotely different, I felt as if I'd struck gold. Unfortunately, even the clearance shoes were kind of pricey ($30-$40 sandals on Labor Day Weekend? I don't think so.) Keeping this in mind and remembering the truly distinctive selections in Barefeet, I left the store empty-handed. It was particuarly hot that day, so I wore this O'Neill sundress, which I purchsed in Macy's for only $24 a few weeks ago. I'd been stalking it, as I so often do with merchandise, all the way down from $60, so I felt triumphant when they still had my size once it went on clearance. Here, I layered it over a cotton Arizona tank from J.C. Penney's and topped it off with some of my handmade jewelry. When making this necklace and bracelet combo, I was drawn to the fiery colors and these red beads that look like fingernails.

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