Thursday, September 3, 2009

At the Movies: Julie and Julia

I saw Julie and Julia about a week and a half ago. I really enjoyed it, probably in part because of my recent blogging obsession. It's fascinating how you can type something up, and then with one click of the post button, release it out into the world. You never know if anyone will read it, or if they do, what they'll think. But either way, you've created this little mini world that's all your own. If you're a writer at heart, blogging is probably the most instantly gratifying way to get yourself out there. But I'm running off at the mouth (keyboard?) again. Back to the movie. Meryl Streep is amazing as Julia Child. She is just so charming and optimistic and determined that you can't help but pull for her. And Amy Adams does a great job playing a frustrated but plucky writer-slash-cubicle dweller. One thing I particularly liked about this movie was that both characters had very supportive husbands. So many plots seem to feed off of petty romantic drama; with the exception of one incident in Julie's story (which was believable and completely relevant, by the way), this movie doesn't go there. Instead, the focus is on two real women pursuing - no, make that hog-tying - their dreams. Very refreshing! Be warned, though. This flick is a long one. I saw a 7:00 show and didn't leave the theater until 9:20. The length is understandable given that this movie tells two separate stories, but it does drag a little bit toward the end. Overall, though, it's very entertaining.

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