Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Make and Tell Challenge, Day 70 - All Around the World

First stop, China. I came very close to finishing the second coat on the Mandarin Magic tote before fatigue set in. Tonight I just need to go over the purple panel on the right and the black characters before beginning to outline. From China I loved on to not-so-distant Atlantic City. Last week I went to a work conference at Resorts, and they gave us these little cardboard boxes of chiclets. (Unfortunately, I thought they were mints and popped a whole bunch in my mouth. Not wanting to spit out a wad of gum in front of the suits in attendance, I was forced to swallow it.) One side of the box had a photo of AC during the day; the other side showed a night shot. I immediately knew I would make something out of it! My first thought was barrettes, but the ones I had were too big, so I opted for pins. I cut the panels from the box, mounted them on cardboard with Elmer's glue, and coated them with Mod Podge. But they're not done. I want to highlight a little bit of the water with glitter glue, add a rhinestone or two to each, and glue satin ribbon to the sides to cover the cardboard.

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