Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Make and Tell Challenge, Day 79

Today I spent my lunch hour in my car packaging the First Ever Tote Trove Giveaway items and this wine bag, which a customer purchased yesterday morning. I should've done it last night, but I wanted to catch up on my painting, then sleep beckoned. So there I was, parked in front of the post office, tangled in ribbons and fumbling for Scotch tape in the morass of odds and ends I'd haphazardly crammed into my tote bag before leaving for work this morning. I snapped a couple of pictures of the wrapped items (I had a feeling they'd become my Day 79 Challenge, and I was right.). I could only imagine what anyone passing by may have thought; the inside of my car looks like a card store-slash-Dumpster explosion, and there I was taking pictures of it. After all that it was back to my desk to eat an orange for lunch. (Normally, I eat more than that but didn't have time to pack anything else today.) The orange turned out to be moldy. But only as I was finishing.

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