Friday, November 13, 2009

Make and Tell Challenge, Day 74 - Friday the 13th Mishaps and Totes in Bloom

Last night I had a miserable time driving home. The wind was wild, blowing my car all over the Expressway, and it was raining. I don't like driving under normal circumstances, so adding darkness, wind, and rain made me edgy to the point of skittishness. As I crossed the bridge into Brigantine I thought, great, almost there. But as I turned off the circle and onto the street that leads to my house, I realized that the road was flooded. So I did the first thing I thought of, which was to pull over, call the bf, and commence screaming and crying. He guided me around the water (but not without several people rudely honking their horns behind me, reducing me to expletives). Finally in my driveway, I sat in my car for a moment to calm down before gathering my things and heading inside. Once there, I reached around to flick on the lights -- and nothing. Yep, on top of everything else the electricity was out. Again, I dialled the bf, then snatched a fistful of mint Oreos (I was starving). He agreed to come home from work. We went out for pizza (not everyone's electricity was out) and called our landlord, who kindly let us stay at one of his other properties.

When we got up this morning, the island was no better and the bridge was closed. So I called out of work. Kind of fitting for Friday the 13th, huh?

Now, about these totes I have photographed here. I'm starting up again with my Fierce Flowers series in earnest. I'm painting roses on green, turquoise, violet, pink, orange, and golden yellow backgrounds speckled with leopard, and when I finish those I'm moving on to clusters of tropical flowers against the same colors, only with zebra print. I have to admit, I'm pretty excited about it.

As always, I watched a couple of movies while working. Today's picks were My Life in Ruins , which was okay, and The Cable Guy, which I had somehow never seen. I was surprised by its creepiness as well as all the star appearances. All in all, I think I enjoyed it more than Ruins. Sometimes, though, it seems like I'm not really watching these movies, but just filtering their plots on the most basic level. That comes from the multi-tasking. It kind of prevents me from appreciating things.

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