Saturday, November 14, 2009

Make and Tell Challenge, Day 75 - Totes in Bloom Continued

I was my own assembly line today. I completed the first coats of my violet, goldenrod, and tangerine Fierce Flowers totes. I think I want to do dark pink, ruby, and hot pink backgrounds next before doing the second coats en masse. I was so excited about my progress that I took this shot of the whole series so far. Then I went ahead and took one of my brush rag because I thought it looked cool, all multi-colored and faded.

Today's background music movies included Practical Magic, Uptown Girls, and Something to Talk About, all on Lifetime (Turner and Hooch was playing on my standby, TBS, and much as I like Tom Hanks, I just couldn't abide by that.) Apparently, Lifetime has come a long way from those dreary made-for-TV movies. Good to know.

Now it's out with the bf for dinner and Couples' Retreat. As always, I'll be sure to deliver my most discerning review tomorrow :)

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