Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Purses!

One night last week I arrived home from work in the cold, dark rain of this post-daylight savings world (thanks, Ben Franklin), ready for some leftover Halloween chocolate when I saw a box on my front porch. I'd ordered so many things from Etsy in the last couple of weeks (mostly gifts), that I had no idea what it was. But once inside with my trusty scissors, I revealed the three beautiful purses I'd ordered for myself from Krystala Creations ( I had made my first purchase from Krystala last year (Check out the Chicky Clutch under my "I'm Addicted to Buying from Other Artists" post, tagged "shopping."), so I knew the bags would be fabulous. But even I was unprepared for the level of detail at work in these pieces. For example, I just love the purse-printed fabric liner and stand-up ruffles in the glam silver bag (here's a shot of me heading out with it one night last week). And get this: the (roomy) Asian-inspired print clutch is reversible! I also used the purple bag last week (I carried it to work). See me with it here; it was a great match for my recently acquired $14.99 Oxford & Regent blouse from J. C. Penney's. I couldn't stop sneaking peaks at it propped on my desk throughout the day. Aren't new accessories fun?

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