Monday, November 30, 2009

Make and Tell Challenge, Day 91 - Fast Food and Buddha Bling

I finally got around to making myself some snazzy new baubles. I went with bracelets because I have very few handmade ones of my own. First up is a regular fast food fancy - plastic dollhouse miniature charms and plastic faceted beads strung on Stretch Magic jewelry cord. That's right; I've abandoned elastic for something more sophisticated. I was examining the cord in one of my store-bought bracelets one day and thought, now, this is what I need. And it had been right there in the aisles of Michaels and A. C. Moore all along! Tasty, no? Next is this transcendental treasure -oval acrylic charms featuring various spiritual-looking figures lit up in carnival colors. From Blue Moon Beads' aptly named Global Nomad line, these charms appealed to my obssession with all things kitsch. Something tells me I'll find a way to wear one if not both of these tomorrow.

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