Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Make and Tell Challenge, Day 86

Tonight I ate almost an entire bag of Smartfood popcorn for dinner, fell asleep on the couch for two hours, and somehow managed to finish this Violet Fierce Flowers Tote. It strikes me as girly yet edgy, perfect for any fashion-forward punk princess (and yes, that icky blue painters' tape does come off; I'm just waiting for the leopard to dry.) I'm excited that it's finished and am ready to move on to the next one. I have fewer than 10 blank totes left, which means I'm really churning them out. Time to hop back online and reorder.

Tomorrow jump starts the circus of holiday madness. But you know that. For me, it means that the bf and I will have Thanksgiving dinner with his grandparents and dessert with my parents; both houses are about 45 minutes away from ours, and their houses are about an hour away from each other. Then there was talk of my mom and I hitting some midnight Black Friday sales. I don't know. I've shopped on Black Friday for as long as I can remember, but never at that ungodly hour. I've always gone after noon, once I've had plenty of sleep and have refueled with leftover pumpkin pie . . . and the danger of being trampled has passed (didn't someone get trampled to death in Walmart one Black Friday? What a way to go.). It doesn't make sense for me to go early because I'm never looking for doorbuster items like toys or electronics, just clothes, cards, and trinket-type things. But I have to work this year, which is what brought on this uncharacteristic and madcap scheme.

Speaking of pumpkin pie, I've been called upon to whip up a batch of Libby's finest for dessert at my parents'. I mentioned this to a few people in passing, and they were like, "oh, you're not making them from scratch?," as if I were some kind of Thanksgiving dessert sell-out. It always annoys me when people act like you're not truly cooking if you're not starting out with flour and lard or something. It's not like I'm just buying a pie; I still have to mix the pumpkin pack with the eggs, sugar, etc, and bake it. Sheesh.

But back to the circus. Friday night the bf and I are dining on leftovers with my parents. Then Saturday my mom and I take on the mall again, followed by a Sunday casino trip chaser with my mom, sister, and grandmom. Somehow I don't think there'll be much making and telling going on. Or sleeping. It'll be fun and colorful, though. And hopefully blog worthy :)

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