Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Make and Tell Challenge, Day 85 - More Neck Candy

Here's my second Hello Kitty necklace, this time in a kind of preppy pink and green. Unsatisfied with just one piece of jewelry today, I also made this ribbon necklace. The beads came from a store-bought piece I'd had for years; it broke just the other day (the faux raw-hide cord snapped). I thought, aha, I know what to do with these. It's funny. Reading other crafters' blogs, I find that many of them started selling because they were making too many things and needed something to do with the overflow, especially jewelry. But I seem to have the opposite problem in that my jewelry stock always seems kind of low. That's probably because I spend most of my time painting, but also because I split my jewelry projects; some I sell and others I keep. Lately people have been looking at the jewelry I'm wearing and asking, "Oh! Did you make that?" And sadly I've had to say "no" more often than not. Although I've made myself a lot of things, it'll be awhile before my own handmade jewelry collection rivals my old (ie, store-bought or handmade by someone else) collection. So, I'm working on it.

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